Firstly, let us just say how excited we are to have you join us on this journey, and to help you to start your own Successful, Online Business.   Your order has been processed by our systems, and an email receipt has been sent to you.   

Shortly, you will also receive another email from us, that has three links:
  • Link 1:  Will provide you with your informational videos
  • Link 2:  Will connect you to your coach on facebook so we can add you to our community
  • Link 3:  Will allow you to schedule a time and date for your coaching call 
Please allow us a few hours for this email to arrive, as sometimes the internet can be a little slow & tricky.  Just so that you don't have to wait to get started, you can also click the button below to start watching your videos.

Add Your Coach On Facebook

If you are using a different name on Facebook than what you just bought in with, be sure to send a message to your coach to inform them.

Watch Your Pre-Coaching Call Videos

There is a lot of information there, so please feel free to take your time and watch them as slowly or as many times as you feel necessary.    Please note,  - below each video is a button to click to watch the next video in the sequence.
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